15 famous sights seen from completely different angles

We used to think that architectural monuments and wonders of the world look exactly the same in real life as they do on postcards or in magazines. However, if we take a look from another angle, we see that it looks entirely different. Sometimes, it’s hard to even recognize the place!

Niagara Falls

The Little Mermaid Statue in Denmark

The Taj Mahal

The Egyptian Pyramids

The Island of Santorini


The Brandenburg Gate in Berlin

The Acropolis of Athens

Mount Rushmore

The Forbidden City in Beijing

The Sagrada Familia in Barcelona


Central Park in New York

The Triumphal Arch

The Mona Lisa

Of course, we can’t say that all of these photos reduce the greatness of the architectural monuments. In our opinion, some sights look even better from another angle…

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