Here Are The Most Muscular Animals In The Animal Kingdom

Animals have always come in different shapes and sizes. Whether it’s a mammal, a reptile or a human, even if an animal is the same species they can still result in different shapes and sizes.

Some dogs might be tiny (such as a chihuahua) while other dogs can be massive (such as a Great Dane.) However, there are some animals that are notoriously known for being extra muscular.

Some of the more well-known ones include a gorilla, a silver back ape, and of course the recently viral kangaroos.

Read more to see our list of the most jacked animals ever.

As mentioned earlier, kangaroos have created quite the stir on the internet these days after displaying their uncanny abilities to throw fists. Accompanied with their tree-trunk like legs, one can easily see why they would be formidable opponents.

People always assumed that all pigs were just lazy animals that just slept and ate. However, this little piggy seems to have smashed those stereotypes with his toned down midsection along with his giant legs.

Who would have thought that fish could be muscular? Many nutritionists argue that fish don’t carry so much fat due to the fact that they reside in water which has less gravity and thus less resistance. Maybe that’s the secret to getting big.

Just like pigs, honey badgers were thought of as calm animals. But this big fella here seems to be not only energetic but massive as well.

Giraffes are largely regarded as kind herbivores that only eat leaves. But this particular giraffe has some gigantic neck muscles!

This bull has a physique that many humans would aspire to have. With hardly any body fat and muscles that literally pop out at you, this bovine would give Mr. Olympia a run for his money!

This camel seems to be all ready for his workout. In his skin tight blue body suit, this camel is certainly ready to destroy his workout or maybe shred some waves.

We usually see more fat cats (such as Garfield) than anything else. But this feline seems to have traded in the lasagna for some dumbbells and lettuce wraps.

Lions are largely regarded as the kings of the jungle due to their status as an apex predator and also because of those fearsome teeth. But with muscles like that, I am sure no one is disputing this cat’s status as the king of the jungle.

Chimps are largely just muscle and very little body fat. However, we don’t often get a good glimpse of their physique when all that hair is covering their muscular bodies.

Tigers are serene but ferocious hunters. Just look at how this tiger is crouched and ready to pounce and his legs and shoulders just look ready to pop!

Rabbits are usually these leaf-eating animals who hardly anyone recognizes as being muscular. But this bunny seems to be sporting a leaned down physique with some muscles here and there.

This horse has some ridiculously large legs and a chest and neck that is as wide as a truck! No doubt this horse has been lifting for quite some time.

This wildebeest is intimidating enough as it is with his sharp horns. Given the shredded physique and the mean look in his eyes, it’s probably better to keep your distance.

This dog is absolutely jacked. It is just skin and muscles at this point. You can see every muscle group and striations on the back of this dog. From his paws all the way up to his neck, this dog is shredded!

As mentioned earlier, gorillas and apes are absolute monsters. Not only are they intimidatingly big but they are one of the strongest animals in the animal kingdom!

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