Man Upset At People Parking Outside His House Takes Matters Into His Own Hands

A homeowner from Liverpool has taken petty to a whole new level when he became fed up with people who parked in front of his house and decided to saran wrap their vehicle. Neil Junglas took his revenge on the owner of a chrome Skoda that was sitting idle in front of his home for two days.

On Tuesday, the 36-year-old Junglas noticed the car pull up to the front of his home as he was making dinner for his daughter. He watched a woman exit the car and enter a taxi that was waiting. Afterwards, a man walked out of the car with two suitcases in hand, which he deposited into the taxi and then got in himself.

The taxi drove off, leaving the Skoda parked right outside of Junglas’ home. According to Junglas, “They were clearly leaving their car there and just getting a taxi to the airport. Obviously, they just wanted some free parking.”

He adds, “Next door has a couple of cars as well so there isn’t really room for other cars to park on the road.” Junglas’ main complaint is that, as a result of this car taking space, he can no longer park his car outside of his house.

He states, “I thought it was cheeky leaving the car there so thought I’d leave them a nice surprise for when they got back. I work at Costco so I went and bought a big roll of [saran wrap] from there.”

Jungal then began wrapping the entire exterior of the car using an industrial sized roll of saran wrap. He told the Liverpool Echo that the car has attracted much attention from neighbors and those walking past it.

He said that many people have stopped to take pictures, wondering how and why that car was wrapped. According to Neil, he attempted to contact the police but he said that when they came to check the car, they couldn’t do anything about it because it isn’t illegally parked.

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